Partial-Chip Systems – Premium

We’re excited to present our more cost-effective “partial-chip” floor coating systems, called the Deluxe and Premium. These coatings employ a mix of thermoplastic chips known as polyvinyl acetate (or PVC), offering an economical solution to your concrete flooring problems. The Deluxe system provides moderate chip coverage without a clear coat (the absence of a clear coat layer restricts where the Deluxe can be applied; garages, for instance, aren’t suitable). Conversely, our sturdier Premium option includes a heavy to extra-heavy chip spread, accompanied by a single clear topcoat.

For those wanting to elevate their partial-chip flooring experience, we propose our Diamond Effects and Stone Silicate coating systems. Similar to the Premium, but with one vital difference: these options integrate both thermoplastic chips along with mica stone flakes in their compositions. While the thermoplastic chips introduce color contrast and depth to your floors, it’s the inclusion of mica stone that sets them apart due to its captivating reflective properties. Explore enhanced aesthetics, coupled with resilience, by coating your concrete floor with one of our cutting-edge partial-chip floor-coating solutions!

Epoxy flooring Premium garage floor coating layered illustration

*Due to screen color calibration settings, images and color tones may vary from actual samples.

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