Full-Chip Systems – Ultra

For your garage, consider our popular Ultra coating system solutions. After concrete preparation (grinding), the installation process begins with a doubly-thick layer of 100%-solids, moisture-mitigating basecoat. It follows with the broadcasting of one of our twelve stunning Ultra chip blends into the wet primer coat. (Each blend features uniquely combined, colored thermoplastic chips, offering you the freedom to choose what best compliments your taste and color palette).

The finishing touch includes 2 separate applications (not 1, like “1-day systems”) of our 100%-solids clear polyaspartic topcoats…allowing these systems to easily surpass low-quality “1-day” systems in terms of longevity. We integrate an anti-skid aggregate into the final polyaspartic layer for added safety against slips. This multi-layered full-chip coating system isn’t just visually appealing, it also withstands UV rays, stains, wear and tear, and moisture damage. Even better? Its upkeep is incredibly straightforward—no more grappling with dirty or dust-laden garages.

Epoxy flooring Ultra garage floor coating layered illustration

*Due to screen color calibration settings, images and color tones may vary from actual samples.

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