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At Garage Floor Coating of Michigan, we provide top-tier, epoxy and epoxy, polyurea-polyaspartic concrete floor coating systems. We reserve the “1-day” polyurea applications for the less-experienced. Our mission is simple: to deliver robust, fully-warranted, industrial-grade concrete coatings without compromise. In the realm of concrete coatings, speed does not equate to quality. We’re a 2-day installer…not 1. Our floor coatings are used in residential, commercial and retail spaces like garages, patios, walkways and basements…and commercial and retail spaces with high traffic volume and heavy load exposure. Our epoxy and polyurea-polyaspartic flooring solutions meet any harsh conditions by offering exceptional flexural strength, along with superior resistance against impact, abrasion, moisture, chemicals and stains. When our guarantee states “lifetime”, there are no hidden warranty exceptions for issues related to moisture or hot-tire staining.

We Stand Out from The Crowd

With over a quarter-century of research behind us, our coating products have been used on more than 70 million square feet of concrete by way of our dealer network. But it’s not just our exclusive, 100%-solids four-layer-thick concrete coatings that set us apart from the “1-day” quick-fix alternative; we use proprietary mica stone blends in our full-chip coatings which result in thicker, stronger floors with outstanding aesthetic appeal – a feature unique to us within this industry.

Explore options like our Earth Effects, Bagari SE and Vintage Mica series among others under our full-chip mica stone concrete selections.

Advantages of Epoxy & Polyurea-Polyaspartic Flooring

Easy Cleaning

The best part about your new floor coating? It’s low maintenance! Dust, grease, oil, brake fluid and antifreeze can be easily cleaned up. The dust, which often originates with the raw-concrete surface itself, leads to air-quality problems in your garage (and in your home when tracked in). Our coatings prevent dust accumulation, moisture-infiltration and associated poor air quality.

Concerned about Slippage?

Our installation team incorporates an anti-slip aggregate into the second clear coat of your flooring (Yes, we apply two coats of a clear polyaspartic within our full-chip coatings, unlike “1-day” systems). This inclusion provides texture and minimizes potential slippage. You can choose from less to more “aggressive” aggregates like polypropylene, glass spheres, quartz or aluminum oxide, based on your preference.

Need to Repair Damaged Concrete?

Our epoxy floor coatings are perfect for concealing minor and major concrete imperfections such as surface cracks, efflorescence (white patches), pitting, and breaks, resulting in a seamless, visually appealing coating post-installation.

Enhance Your Living Space & Boost Value

By upgrading your garage with epoxy-polyaspartic flooring you’re not just enhancing its look, but also adding value by extending usable space. A coated 2-car garage could serve multiple purposes – gym, home office, man-cave, etc., increasing your livable area by at least 400 square feet!

Wide Range of Choices

We offer various floor coating systems and colors that match your décor preferences for any concrete substrate. Our selection includes standard partial chip and full chip thermoplastic flooring (Deluxe, Premium, Ultra), exclusive mica stone-infused coating systems like Stone Effects, Diamond Effects, Earth Effects, Bagari SE, and Vintage Mica, and our metallic coatings, Liquid Minerals and Liquid Art. Any of these systems will make your floors sparkle and transform your concrete into a space worthy of the rest-of-your-home!

Relax. We’ve Got It Covered

Choose your preferred coating system and leave everything else to us! Our commitment to customer satisfaction and the highest service standards ensure a hassle-free process, from design through installation completion. All the while, you get to sit back and enjoy your newly transformed floor. Contact Garage Floor Coating of Michigan today for your free quote. Your local, premiere epoxy polyurea-polyaspartic concrete coating company is only a CLICK or phone call away.