Partial-Chip Systems – Liquid Minerals

Introducing our revolutionary coating system, Liquid Minerals! This cutting-edge metallic concrete floor coating is designed to create a mesmerizing 3-D marbled effect with stunning iridescent highlights, combined with a partial-chip broadcast. Perfect for spaces that demand a truly captivating visual experience. Achieving the unique marbled look is made possible through various techniques employed by our skilled applicators. The means with which the metallic pigments are dispersed within the coating unlocks endless possibilities. The result is that no two floors will ever appear alike, ensuring a custom design tailored specifically to your space. This metallic flooring solution consists of multiple layers to ensure durability and longevity. We start with a generous moisture-mitigating epoxy primer coat (we never apply polyurea-polyaspartic direct-to-concrete).

Next comes the application of the metallic color coat which adds depth and character to your floor. We then add a heavy to extra-heavy spread of a PVA and mica stone chip blend to provide beauty and reflectivity. Finally, the system is topped with a clear protective coat for added resilience. While these extraordinary coatings are not recommended for high-traffic areas like garages, they find their perfect fit in kitchens, basements, hallways and family rooms where style meets functionality seamlessly. Transform your space into a masterpiece with our remarkable metallic coating system – Liquid Minerals!

Epoxy flooring Liquid Minerals garage floor coating layered illustration

*Due to screen color calibration settings, images and color tones may vary from actual samples.

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