Is Thin or Thick Full-Chip Garage Coating the Better Choice?

When it comes to full-chip garage coatings, opting for a thicker application generally offers better durability and longevity, making it the superior choice for most homeowners. Understanding Full-Chip Epoxy Garage Floors: Thickness Matters The thickness of your epoxy garage floor coating plays a pivotal role in its performance and resilience. Garage floors, subjected to vehicle traffic, heavy objects, and spills, … Read More

What is the Best Type of Epoxy for Garage Floors?

What is the Best Type of Epoxy for Garage Floors? The premier choice for garage floors is 100% solid epoxy coatings, known for their robustness and aesthetic appeal. This type of epoxy, ideal for both residential and commercial garages, offers an unmatched balance of a high-quality, durable finish with a diverse range of color options, ensuring both functionality and style. … Read More

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